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Justin Hays

Justin Hays is a Master of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. He is a certified Access Consciousness bars facilitator, a licensed acupuncturist in Hawaii, a Chinese herbalist, and a certifed AOBTA Chinese medical qigong practitioner. He studied for more than 8 years, including 4 years at the Academy of Oriental Medicine Austin (AOMA) Graduate School of Integrative Medicine (Austin, TX).

Justin was born in Houston, TX and first studied meditation with Master Kim Bothwell (Banyan Tree Healing Center) in California in 2004. Through a daily practice of Bija heart mantra meditation he began to cultivate qi and noticed a natural ability to share that with others. After graduation Justin relocated from Austin, TX to Honolulu, Hawaii.

Justin currently divides his time between Austin, TX and Honolulu, HI but spends most of his time in Hawaii. As an Access Consciousness bars facilitator, and an Access Consciousness life coach Justin enjoys helping clients find greater awareness and higher levels of consciousness. Under the tutelage of Master Kim Bothwell he has also been trained in meditation, pranayama, and tantra. Justin has also extensively studied hands on energy work (aka “qi healing”) modalities such as Medical Qigong, Access Bars, MTVSS, Cellular Memory, and Molecular and De-molecular manifestation. He has been called a qi master by some. Justin lives a simple life and enjoys simple food and simple fun. He describes himself as easy going, down to earth, and always ready to laugh.

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Aside from his work with the healing arts Justin has more than ten years experience in business and web design. He founded Square Root Computers Inc in 1999 under which several web business ideas came into being. He graduated with Anthropology Honors from the University of Texas, majoring in Cultural Anthroplogy with a minor in Technology, Literacy, and Culture. He has studied cultures around the world, with special interest focus on magic, religion, and and ritual as related to various civilizations. Justin enjoys singing, songwriting, playing guitar, kayaking, hiking, camping, and training in body work such as kungfu, tai chi, and qigong.