For thousands of years Chinese have known the healing power of whole foods and herbs.

The foundations of Chinese medicine insist that before turning to herbal healing the diet should be adjusted according to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) principles. TCM Principles are used to obtain the diagnosis for each individual person, such as "Heart Fire" or "Stomach Heat". This web site will quickly research all of the common foods AND Chinese herbs that are known to clear heart fire and/or stomach heat for you and return the results. Using this web site complete diet plans can be researched and assembled in just a few minutes, rather than hours.

A Must Have for any TCM practitioner serious about Nutrition:

This site is designed by an acupuncturist for acupuncturists. In my personal acupuncture practice researcing diets became increasingly time consuming, which led me to realize the need for a quick online solution. Although the research tools at are based on simple principles, they put enormous Oriental Medical knowledge at the practitioner's disposal and drastically reduce the amount of time required to research new diet plans. For some clients diet plans can change weekly if not daily (such as in the case of febrile disease). What types of food should they be eating when you prescribe them yin qiao san for acute disorder? Too often this information is lefts out and not written down for the client due to time constraints. Because the patient's dietary needs may change weekly (if not daily) you can use to give accurate dietary information to your clients as often as needed with great ease.

Research details are available to Practitioners, Hobbyists, and TCM Students:

Although some suggested that I restrict this web site's access to practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine, due to the secret and powerful nature of Chinese dietary medicine, the benefits of bringing healing knowledge to the masses far outweigh the bad. For the first time ever, ancient Chinese dietary information which was traditionally held in tombs of knowledge is available to the public in an easy to access format. I hope you enjoy this resource, and invite you to stop by my healing clinic the next time you're on the island.


Justin Hays, LAc (Specializing in pain management and Chinese nutrition)